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Affordable Dental Care for San Antonio Residents

Les P. Pratt, DDS is well-versed in the importance of achieving and maintaining optimal oral health and a dazzling smile in San Antonio, TX. Every patient deserves the care they need to care for their dental needs and goals without draining their savings accounts. With this in mind we help you make dental treatments affordable with our Dental Savings Program and by accepting many insurance plans to cover your appointment costs. We’re here to provide the quality dental care it takes for beautiful, healthy teeth and gums.
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Why It’s Vital to See a Dentist That Accepts Insurance

As a local dental service provider in Texas, Les P. Pratt, DDS wants our patients to have the necessary financial and insurance coverage to keep their teeth and gums healthy and pain-free. Our practice accepts various insurance plans, and insurance is important because it significantly decreases how much patients pay out of pocket to make essential care more affordable. Most dental plans cover essential services, such as dental cleanings, and many also include restorative and cosmetic dentistry. You should never need to put off treatments because of financial concerns.
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Get the Care You Need With Our Dental Savings Program

Some patients don’t have insurance to cover their dental care, including vital restorative treatments and regularly scheduled exams and cleanings. Fortunately, Les P. Pratt, DDS’s patients don’t need insurance to keep their appointment and service costs affordable. Our Dental Savings Program lets you pay a low monthly fee to cover preventive care. By not billing insurance, we save money and can pass these savings into you. We have an Adult Dental Care Program, Child Dental Care Program, and Perio Dental Care Program at friendly rates.
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Dental Financial & Insurance in San Antonio, TX