Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dental Care for in San Antonio, Sudden & Chronic Oral Issues

You probably won’t see a dental emergency coming, and the resulting pain and damage can leave you scrambling for help. Fortunately, you don’t need to wait for prompt care for your busted fillings, knocked-out teeth, and other problems in North Central San Antonio, TX. Our emergency dentistry is available any time you need it. Les P. Pratt, DDS’s team will bring you into our practice as soon as possible to relieve your pain and resolve damage, even outside our regular business hours.

How Do I Know If I Need Emergency Dentistry?

Prompt, professional care is necessary for several urgent dental issues. For instance a persistent toothaches could mean you have a tooth infection or severe decay. Your teeth are vulnerable to infections and additional damage when they have chips or cracks. A knocked-out tooth requires prompt emergency dental care to save the tooth and restore your smile. Furthermore, we can resolve lost crowns or fillings and treat abscessed teeth.
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Safe and Effective Root Canal Solutions

We understand how frightening or stressful root canals can be to people. However, today’s dental technology and modern anesthetics make this procedure significantly more comfortable. Les P. Pratt, DDS uses root canal therapy to resolve infections inside teeth caused by traumatic injuries, broken teeth, and untreated cavities. The procedure involves removing the infected tooth pulp, cleaning and disinfecting the root canals and chamber, and then filling and sealing the tooth to prevent infections in the future.

What Should I Do in a Dental Emergency?

Les P. Pratt, DDS is ready and willing to handle a broad range of dental emergencies. If you chip or crack a tooth, we urge to you hold onto the broken pieces, if possible, and rinse them with warm water. You should do the same if you knock out a tooth. We may be able to save your tooth if you get it to us in time. We recommend using warm salt water for toothaches and potentially abscessed teeth until you can come to our practice.
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Emergency Dentistry in San Antonio, TX