Bi-Annual Dental Cleanings

Keep Your Teeth Clean & Healthy in San Antonio, TX

The best way to avoid cavities and other dental issues is to stay current on your bi-annual dental cleaning at our San Antonio, TX practice. Les P. Pratt, DDS proudly offers this service as a regular part of ongoing oral care, keeping smiles bright and beautiful by removing plaque and tarter. Dental cleanings do what brushing and flossing at home cannot because of our professional tools and methods. Overall, your teeth will stay clean and healthy at any age.
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What Does a Bi-Annual Cleaning Appointment Include

Dental cleanings impact your oral health and general well-being over time. Before Les P. Pratt, DDS carries out your cleaning, we perform an examination to assess your dental health and what we can do to improve and maintain it. Our team uses specialized tools during cleanings to thoroughly remove buildups from your teeth surfaces, and then we polish them with professional-quality toothpaste. You can also rely on us for fluoride treatments for stronger teeth and gentle care to make your appointments better experiences.
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Getting Stellar Results With Cutting-Edge Technology

Using the latest tools and technology means Les P. Pratt, DDS’s dental care options achieve the best possible results. Our premium care and investment in cutting-edge tools and techniques make all our services more efficient and effective, including when we clean your teeth. Some examples of our benefits include removing more plaque and tartar and better accuracy during oral cancer screenings, so you stay more comfortable.

What to Expect After Your Appointment

After Les P. Pratt, DDS finishes your dental cleaning, we give you a detailed at-home care explanation and instructions to help you keep your beautiful, pain-free smile until your next appointment. You might need to change your brushing and flossing methods or enhance your smile with new products. If we spot cavities during your visit, we’ll explain your treatment options and schedule a filling. You can always expect treatment with compassion and clear communication.
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Bi-Annual Dental Cleanings in San Antonio, TX